The Iron Fist

The Poppers Iron Fist is originally from Germany, very fashionable in Berlin parties for several years, it quickly crossed borders and conquered many peoples all over the planet, it has become in a few years a must-see which makes it the one of the most consumed Poppers in the world.

The effects of this Poppers are gradual but very intense, its Amyl Nitrite formula makes Iron Fist one of the most strong Poppers ever released.

It is packaged in an aluminum bottle and here again it's a small revolution: light and unbreakable, its bottle is also opaque which guarantees better conservation because the quality of the Poppers deteriorates in contact with light and heat.

Iron Fist bottle

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Iron Fist pack

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Unbreakable aluminum bottle with safety cap.

Capacity: 30ml

Composition: Amyl Nitrite mixture

Delivery worldwide.

9.20€ Tax incl.

The Iron Fist for who?

Poppers for sex

Poppers has been very popular since the 1970s, initially very popular with the gay community for its vasodilating effects, it is now used by both men and women of all ages.

Its aphrodisiac properties cause sexual disinhibition and increased libido.

Used in a sexual setting, Amyl Nitrite Poppers are particularly strong and promote anal and vaginal dilation and are also found to be very effective for hardcore practices such as fisting.

It is a great sexual enhancer that significantly increases your arousal and will bring you euphoria and ecstasy in your most unbridled relationships.

Poppers for fun

The "little magic bottle" has also become in recent years, one of the essentials of the evenings and makes the happiness of many revelers!

The euphoria and the irresistible urge to laugh are the most sought-after effects among consumers at parties with friends where young people turn the bottle to take their inhalation in turn.

Its effects are brief and those who have never tasted it are often intrigued but have prejudices, ultimately most still ask for more and quickly become new followers of the effects of the small vial!

Poppers bottles also circulate in trendy bars, clubs and festivals, in fact they are light and discreet and can easily be slipped into the pocket and have very little chance of being confiscated at the entrance.

How to use the Poppers?

First of all, remember that you should never drink poppers .

There are several methods of consuming Poppers:

  • The first method, the gentler: simply open the bottle and place it in the room, the Poppers being a very volatile liquid it will diffuse on its own.
  • The most common method is direct inhalation: bring the bottle to your nose (be careful not to bring the bottle into contact with your nose to avoid burns) and breathe in gently for a few seconds, plugging the opposite nostril.
  • The Poppers-Perrier method: It is a cocktail to inhale, it should never be drunk . It suffices to measure one volume of Poppers for 8 to 10 volumes of sparkling water in a glass, mix gently and cover (with a plate for example) for 1 minute maximum then uncover the glass to let the mixture evaporate in the room or inhale the vapors through your nose. For this method, do not use a glass or plastic cup as the Poppers may eat away at it.

How to store the Poppers?

As this is a very volatile liquid, remember to close the bottle well after use, otherwise all of its contents will quickly evaporate.

The nitrites contained in the Poppers are sensitive to light and heat, for optimal conservation we recommend that you store your bottle in the fridge after opening.


  • Never drink the liquid.
  • Do not consume in addition to other exciting products such as viagra.
  • Space the inhalations a few minutes.
  • In the event of headaches and/or dizziness, stop consumption and ventilate to renew the air.
  • It is a flammable product, do not use near a flame.
  • Avoid contact of the bottle and the liquid with the mucous membranes (nose, mouth, eyes) to avoid burns.
  • If you accidentally spill the bottle, ventilate the room for several minutes.